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This one goes to all the wonderful people that have supported me throughout this contest: Please bare with me these days, i'm not going to be able to log in as often as i would like to,but i have a solid reason for this:i'm having my final exams at University and it's hell believe me!Yet, a little prayer from you guys might help Cool

Персональная информация

Дата рождения 1987 - февраль - 2
Рост 5' 10" (179cm)
Вес 130lbs (58kg)
Размер одежды 6-US 8-UK 38-EU
Размер обуви 8-US 5.5-UK 39-EU
Бюст 36" (91cm)
Талия 24" (61cm)
Бёдра 36" (91cm)
Цвет волос Black
Цвет глаз Green
Образование College student
Этническая принадлежность European
Семейное положение I prefer not to say
Гостевая книга Работает


Вы когда нибудь работали моделью? Да
Если да, то с кем?

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Откого Дата: 2008-04-27 10:35:27

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Пользователь: Судья
Sweetie,Poppy's still trying to get you to the top spot Exclamation Smile

Откого Дата: 2008-04-13 05:05:17

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Пользователь: Судья
baby, You're one SMOKING HOT,BEAUTIFUL Young LADY Wink Wink Very Happy I'll be giving you all HONEST 20's Wink I never down vote,and can't stand those who do Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

Poppy57 Wink Wink Wink Cool Sad
Откого Дата: 2008-04-12 13:39:33

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Пользователь: Судья
You're So Smoking Hot,and Beautiful Wink Wink Guaranteed all Honest 20's Exclamation Wink Wink

Poppy57 Wink Wink Cool Smile
Откого Дата: 2007-05-12 19:05:37

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Пользователь: УЧАСТНИЦА
Here's a flower and a vote of '20' for you, gorgeous!! You deserve it for sizzling on my monitor like that, hehe. ~*beam*~ Mwah!

Christine Anderson

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