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Oh there is so much to tell! Ii will just say that i love adventure! There is nothing more exhilerating then traveling the world experiencing different cultures, seeing and tasting different things that just take your breath away! I love my family, my lover (boyfriend) a smooth glass of Pinot (preferrably from Napa Valley Wineries) and most importantly LIFE- It is true when they say life is too short, so enjoy and be happy!

Персональная информация

Дата рождения 1977 - сентябрь - 20
Рост 5' 8" (172cm)
Размер одежды 4-US 6-UK 36-EU
Размер обуви 8-US 5.5-UK 39-EU
Бюст 34" (86cm)
Талия 25" (63.5cm)
Бёдра 33" (83.5cm)
Цвет глаз Hazel
Профессия Model/ Electronics Tech.
Образование Some college
Этническая принадлежность Caucasian
Семейное положение Attached
Гостевая книга Работает
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Откого Дата: 2008-08-06 16:55:14

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Пользователь: Судья
Just wanted to say thank you for the are CUTE, and I'm happy to support you in this contest!! xoxoxoxox... Very Happy Cool
Откого Дата: 2008-05-29 16:28:09

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Uniquely Rachel
Пользователь: УЧАСТНИЦА
Hi Sweet Lady! I have been so busy promoting for the Ihotties lead that I haven't had a chance to really be involved here this month, but i'll be back in June to leave ya some more luv and send ya a note!

thanks for touchin base with me!
Откого Дата: 2008-05-08 14:34:26

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Пользователь: УЧАСТНИЦА
Hello Jenalynn I just ran across your profile and your beautiful I gave you a 20!Please return the favor and vote for me as well! I would really appreciate it! Best of luck! Exclamation
Откого Дата: 2008-04-14 14:05:08

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Пользователь: Судья
Giving you all HONEST 20's every time I voteOMG Exclamation You're to good to be true Exclamation Exclamation What a smoking Hot Body you Have Wink Wink And so Gorgeiusly Beautiful Very Happy Very Happy You're what I call A REAL LADY Very Happy Wink Wink Very Happy

Poppy57 Wink Wink Very Happy Cool Twisted Evil
Откого Дата: 2008-04-08 15:04:56

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Пользователь: Судья
Leave you alone? Never! Here's another 20 coming your way! Don't like it? Tough cookies! Razz Mr. Green

Love forevermore,
Your friend for Life, Daniel Smile