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About Me:
Hi there! I started loving the camera when I was just three years old. I was a ballet, tap, jazz, acrobat, and baton dancer for ten years. That's when I really discovered a true passion for the entertainment industry. My absolute dream is to become a successful model and actress. I am also a part time college student, majoring in Science, minoring in Communications. I have my AA degree in Arts, with a 3.4 cummulative GPA. Months ago I was in my first movie and received my SAG membership. I am also a model for the UFC, the largest mixed martial arts organization in the world. Believe it or not, I am somewhat of a tomboy! I like to shoot shot guns (and I have a great shot!), fish (I bait my own hook), go hiking, lift weights, and play soccer. Having a healthy and active lifestyle is the key to longevity. I also love reading (adventure novels), viewing art work, and learning about different cultures. I am a big animal lover, especially of Golden Retrievers. Thank you for viewing me! XOXO, Ali Sonoma Laughing

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