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I am an outgoing bubbly girl and enjoy life to the fullest. I am currently working as a commercial, advertising, lifestyle and promotional model which I really enjoy as I get to meet lots of different people and have fun! I would like to thank all the people who vote for me and wish all the other contestents Good luck! Very Happy

Персональная информация

Дата рождения 1978 - июнь - 18
Рост 5' 1" (154cm)
Вес 105lbs (47kg)
Размер одежды 4-US 6-UK 36-EU
Размер обуви 5-US 2.5-UK 35-EU
Бюст 32" (81cm)
Талия 24" (61cm)
Бёдра 32" (81cm)
Цвет волос Blonde
Цвет глаз Blue
Профессия Commercial/lifestyle and promo
Образование High School graduate
Этническая принадлежность Caucasian
Гостевая книга Работает


Вы когда нибудь работали моделью? Да
Если да, то с кем? MCn Connect, KFC, Avis Car rentals and Energy Australia

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Откого Дата: 2008-04-02 18:04:27

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Пользователь: Судья
You're very much welcome, sweetie. Smile Yes, I have been well. Hope you have been well too. Very Happy

Love forevermore,
Your friend for Life, Daniel
Откого Дата: 2008-04-02 17:11:50

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Uniquely Rachel
Пользователь: УЧАСТНИЦА
Hi Nic! Just wanted to stop and leave you a vote and a flower! Will keep sending them as much as I can!
Luv ya,
Откого Дата: 2008-03-11 20:38:46

Click to view profile of Dannyboyo
Пользователь: Судья
You're very much welcome for my continual support, sweetie. It's my pleasure to support an extremely beautiful woman (or should it be goddess Wink such as yourself. Smile

Love forevermore,
Your friend, Daniel
Откого Дата: 2008-02-23 17:01:04

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Пользователь: УЧАСТНИЦА
Thanks Nic....yeah it would be nice to be a monthly winner, but I'm not counting my chickens A rose and a 20 for you.

Rach Smile
Откого Дата: 2008-02-13 18:32:36

Click to view profile of Dannyboyo
Пользователь: Судья
Hope you will have a wonderful Valentine's Day, sweetie! Very Happy Remember not to eat that much chocolate! Smile Though I bet your dentist would like you to. Wink

Love forevermore,
Your friend, Daniel