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Персональная информация

Дата рождения 1983 - август - 11
Рост 5' 1" (154cm)
Вес 75lbs (33kg)
Размер одежды 6-US 8-UK 38-EU
Размер обуви 4.5-US 2-UK 34-EU
Бюст 35" (88.5cm)
Талия 24" (61cm)
Бёдра 34" (86cm)
Цвет волос Blonde
Цвет глаз Blue
Профессия Model/Dancer
Образование Some college
Этническая принадлежность Caucasian
Семейное положение I prefer not to say
Гостевая книга Работает
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Вы когда нибудь работали моделью? Да
Если да, то с кем? National newspapers and magazines

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Откого Дата: 2007-05-31 21:36:15

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Пользователь: УЧАСТНИЦА
Hi, Hayley! Love your main pic, that silky black bikini top is great!! ~*beam*~ I'm Christine Anderson and I just wanted to say hi and welcome to you to the WMBW. Here's a ruby red rose to brighten your day and a vote of '20' to help get your score up where it should be. And don't worry about your score too much at first, either. Mine started off really low, too, but I spent some time getting to know the judges and other contestants, and it's helped me build a fan base of loyal voters. So just spread the love around and it'll come back to you! And hey, anytime you want to sit back and relax and listen to me play the piano and sing for you, just come on over to my website and turn up your speakers. I'll give you a concert!

Musically Yours,

Christine Anderson