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About Me:
We ran a good fight but the finish line was erased by down voting and hackers who know the art of vote padding. My krew does not know the meaning of failure and are regrouping to fight again. Many of my former Judges from the past have rediscovered me and voted non stop at great sacrifice of their time along with new judges who jumped into the fight to help me. Our group of judges created a battle of voting never seen here before. The top contestants got as many votes in the 1st week as the typical winners get in a month. I am going to work hard again in May to see if winning a month is within reach. So everybody enjoy April off and we will fight again May. I hope that Dale receives the financial backing to final have the big Gala for monthly winners. My only wish is that down voting be removed from the competition. Lacey Luxor (Michelle)

Personal details

Date of birth 1979 - December - 4
Height 5' 5" (166cm)
Weight 110lbs (49kg)
Dress size 2-US 4-UK 32-EU
Shoe size 6.5-US 4-UK 37-EU
Bust 32" (81cm)
Waist 27" (68.5cm)
Hips 32" (81cm)
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green
Occupation Model
Education Some college
Ethnicity Caucasian
Marital status Divorced
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Have you ever done any modelling or acting? Yes
If yes, with who? Not enough space to write them all in.

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From Date: 2017-05-21 15:59:26

Click to view profile of LadyLawless
User: contestant
Dear Michelle, wmbw has not been good to you since you joined the site way back in 2008. I was fortunate to win in 2009 and later that same year you received the most total votes but down voting cost you the win, it repeated itself a few year later when again you had the most vote but in less than 3 hours you went from 60 to 400 down votes. We all felt that was impossible but it happened. You where always competitive but feel short. There where a few years you came very close but voting padding started and again you where knocked you out. I remember you had a few hundred more vote than your nearest competitor and in the final hours, a contestant not even in the top ten win by over 300 votes. How does that happen. Since last fall you where denied a win 3 times. No contestant has been unfairly robbed as you have. No contestant has continued the battle and is so responsive to the judges as you are. One of my judges who supports you has asked to join the fan club of of any and all contestants in the top 10 and sends them flowers and has never received. Only you communicate, send photos and respond to all your judges and they love you as do I
Lady lawless
From Date: 2017-05-12 06:37:09

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csi photo
User: Judge
The Krew is working very hard to make May your month. If you don't win this month we know hackers from Russia once again interfered in the voting and did you wrong. Comey, the former head of the FBI was going to look into this. LOL
From Date: 2017-05-09 15:10:01

Click to view profile of MuseDevotee
User: Judge
Vote #2900 --- xoXOxo --- Georgie MuseDevotee Rolling Eyes
From Date: 2017-05-04 19:30:02

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csi photo
User: Judge
Lacey, I cant believe how hard you work and how responsive you are to all your judges. You have replied to all my messages and its never a one line thank you like we get from the other contestants and really appreciate that you share your yourself and send us our favorite photos up on request. Your a real person we can pen pal with. Nobody currently competing deserves this victory more than you. Judges, if you want to meet a contestant that appreciates and respects you, meet Lacey Luxor. We just call wonderful.
From Date: 2017-05-02 09:43:39

Click to view profile of princejonny
User: Judge
downvote us if ya wanna, we'll still love on your contestant. this is the biggest MOVEMENT in WMBW history. you will not stop us. you might as well jump on the luxor train and JOIN US!!!