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About Me:
I have been doing better now that some of my Judges from the past have redidiscovered me and are now jumping back into the fight to help me. I am going to work hard again to see if winning a month is within reach Dales has promised for more than 10+ years there would be a final with the winner receiving 1 million $$. As you can see, like me who at one time was a 20 yr old competing here and now in our mid 30's are no longer active here at wmbw. So if your one of the newcontestants in your 20's you will soon be my age wondering why you decided to compete. I hope that Dale receives the financial backing so you have a real shot at winning unlike those of us now feeling to ols to compete with the younger contestants. You will meet down voters controlling who wins and who does not, winners with very little to offer such short profiles, few photos and you sit and wonder. Judges will ask for photos but will not send you votes. You will meet a few really great and loyal judges as I have and surely will miss them and they know who they are. Michelle

Personal details

Date of birth 1979 - December - 4
Height 5' 5" (166cm)
Weight 110lbs (49kg)
Dress size 2-US 4-UK 32-EU
Shoe size 6.5-US 4-UK 37-EU
Bust 32" (81cm)
Waist 27" (68.5cm)
Hips 32" (81cm)
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green
Occupation Model
Education Some college
Ethnicity Caucasian
Marital status Divorced
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Have you ever done any modelling or acting? Yes
If yes, with who? Not enough space to write them all in.

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From Date: 2017-02-28 13:53:43

Click to view profile of JUDGE429158737
User: Judge
You are an Awesome lady that I support wholeheartedly!
Ke ep being YOU!
From Date: 2017-02-08 13:36:26

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csi photo
User: Judge
I forgot to say month after month, after month, after month, after month Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
From Date: 2017-02-06 16:41:35

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csi photo
User: Judge
Michelle, we discovered after the January competition that either Dale or Hackers control the outcome of every monthly competition. We discovered many things controled by somebody other then contestants and judges. I count myself as one of your loyal judges and will vote for you every day month aftr month.
csi photo
From Date: 2017-01-20 21:29:29

Click to view profile of princejonny
User: Judge
good god. wmbw had you un hotlisted and blocked for some reason michelle. never worry love i undid it and i am still fighting for you sweets.


~ jonny
From Date: 2017-01-18 14:30:25

Click to view profile of nitroxpro
User: Judge
I said in an E-mail to you that I had been locked out of the site... but it APPEARS that you have to wait about five MINUTES before the site lets me in. The DIEHARD spirit overcomes the wait by switching to another app and letting the browser wait while not being used... then letting me in later than I had hoped, but ABLE to vote for you! Love, Bruce