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To Judges's and new contestants I decided after working this site for many years it is no longer worth my time and effort to ask judges to support me. Dales has promised for more than 10+ years there would be a final with the winner receiving 1 million $$. As you can see, like me who at one time was a 20 yr old competing here and now in our mid 30's have gone. So if your one of the new B's in your 20's you will soon be my age wondering why you decided to compete. You will meet down voters controlling who wins and who does not, see winners with very little to offer such short profiles, few photos and you sit and wonder. Judges will ask for photos but will not send you votes. You will meet a few really great and loyal judges as I have and surely will miss them and they know who they are. Sadly Michelle

Персональная информация

Дата рождения 1979 - декабрь - 4
Рост 5' 5" (166cm)
Вес 110lbs (49kg)
Размер одежды 2-US 4-UK 32-EU
Размер обуви 6.5-US 4-UK 37-EU
Бюст 32" (81cm)
Талия 27" (68.5cm)
Бёдра 32" (81cm)
Цвет волос Blonde
Цвет глаз Green
Профессия Model
Образование Some college
Этническая принадлежность Caucasian
Семейное положение Divorced
Гостевая книга Работает


Вы когда нибудь работали моделью? Да
Если да, то с кем? Not enough space to write them all in.

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Откого Дата: 2016-10-24 07:35:06

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Пользователь: Судья
I wish there were more hours in the day to vote for you. I thought when I 1st saw you, you would have been a monthly winner easy. We'll keep on voting, you keep on being your wonderful self! F.y.i. I love the photo of you in front of the museum sign. Very Happy
Откого Дата: 2016-10-16 20:22:24

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csi photo
Пользователь: Судья
My lovely and beautiful Michelle, your judges are like hot and cold. They pile on the votes one month then just disappear the next. The only consistent factor is your down voters. Dale knows who they are by offers you limited help. We all know you should be a winner bc you reply to all your message here at wmbw and your emails. You send us judges photos you've post here at wmbw on request from your judges. You have done everything you need to do to win but for some reason, that has not happened. We all now the voting system allows hacker and down voters to control who wins yet nothing happens to level the playing fields.
Take care my graces friend and thank you for the photos you've sent me over the years and yes I use them for my screen saver photo on my lap top. My work PC would be dangerous if I used them there, lol
Откого Дата: 2016-10-16 08:21:14

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Пользователь: Судья
Your FULL complement of photos does not disappoint! Superb! You look ravishing!
Hugs, Bruce
Откого Дата: 2016-10-08 19:42:10

Click to view profile of JUDGE429158737
Пользователь: Судья
Back here supporting you my dear. You're so Gorgeous!
Откого Дата: 2016-10-06 17:44:18

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csi photo
Пользователь: Судья
I see it still takes the staff at wmbw several days to approve your new photos. Must be having high staff turnover of $$$$$ problems. In any case wmbw in not a triple A webb site any longer, or should I was it ever. Thats ok bc I am voting for you even if no photos are posted.