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From Date: 2006-08-15 19:09:25

Click to view profile of TexasScorpio
User: Judge
geez, where to begin? First of all, a fantastic photo collection you have on here, had me from the first pic all the way to the last one. Very Happy I don't usually do this part on here, but since ya makin me cause I read your profile and voted. Laughing You are definitely a beautiful, gorgeous woman, so I am gonna hotlist you so I can continue giving you some positive votes Wink
From Date: 2006-08-10 08:33:28

Click to view profile of ENJOYTHEMOMENT!!!
User: Judge
Miss Liss..... I know I signed your guestbook earlier.... but I just have to say again.... and to all who read this... You are sooooo hot!!!! I love your pics... the teasing ones... the "almost" ones....LOL ..... and I only wish/pray that you would be comfortable with MORE of you.... Wink Not to offend anybody, but I enjoy the nudist lifestyle... and for anybody interested... ... for clothing-optional resorts...nude beaches... etc. Again.. I wish you the very best... ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS!!!! Ernie in Charleston, SC, U.S.A t
From Date: 2006-07-30 07:43:44

Click to view profile of ENJOYTHEMOMENT!!!
User: Judge
Miss..... as you know.... I am a really huge fan of yours....!!!!! You're beautiful sexy erotic.... and somewhat of a "girl-next-door" tease.... IT SHOWS!!!! I love your pics.... they get better and better...!!! Keep it goin'.... don't stop now!!! I hope you win!!!! Exclamation
From Date: 2006-07-28 10:35:39

Click to view profile of LiLMiSSLiSS
User: contestant

Its Melissa...aka...Lis s...just wanted to thank everyone who signs my guestbook, and a very special thanks to everyone who has voted or is going to vote for me!!!!!! You guys are awesome, amazing....THANK YOU!!!


L iss... Wink