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About Me:
Razz I'm in the medical field and have always had a fascination with health. I love taking care of myself and advising others of how to do the same. Bodybuilding has been a fad of mine for many years. I love writing and singing, drawing and dancing. Anything that has to do with self expression fascinates me. So when I observe extraordinary people doing extraordinary things I get stoked. I feed off of it, get inspired and work harder to be my best at whatever I touch. My saying of the day "IF ALL GREAT PEOPLE HADN'T SUFFERED MUCH, THEY WOULDN'T BE GREAT. GREATNESS IS THE ABILITY TO CREATE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING & PRODUCE SOMETHING GOOD FROM SOMETHING BAD- NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND- THAT WOULD JUST BE ORDINARY. "

Personal details

Date of birth 1981 - February - 22
Height 5' 2" (158cm)
Weight 90lbs (40kg)
Dress size 0-US
Shoe size 6-US 3.5-UK 36-EU
Bust 32" (81cm)
Waist 22" (56cm)
Hips 33" (83.5cm)
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Occupation Industrial Reporter
Education AA (2 years college)
Ethnicity Latino
Marital status Single
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Have you ever done any modelling or acting? Yes
If yes, with who? Jason Clark, LA Feb 07

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From Date: 2008-02-14 06:58:15

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User: Judge
<a href="http://s222.p s/dd85/peternanouk/? action=view&current= 03-1.gif" target="_blank"><im g src=" /dd85/peternanouk/03 -1.gif" border="0" alt="Photobucket">< /a><br>
hey hunni! i was just coming by to leave you a twenty rating and a valentine! i hope that you are doing well hun! have a very happy valentine's day! take care! love ya! kiss! Very Happy
From Date: 2008-02-07 15:30:36

Click to view profile of peternanouk
User: Judge
hey hunni! thanks for the friend add! i had just rated you twenty before sending you a flower to show you that you're being thought of. how are you doing sweetie? i hope that your day is going well. take care hun! love ya! kiss! Very Happy
From Date: 2008-01-25 03:12:32

Click to view profile of peternanouk
User: Judge
hey sweetheart! coming by to give you twenty and to see how you've been doing. what have you been up to hun? your default pic is fine! take care hun! love ya! kiss! Razz
From Date: 2008-01-18 13:19:44

Click to view profile of bobbydstl
User: Judge
Hello! Hope 2008 is off to a great start. Just came by to show you some love. Take care & stay good.
Bob Very Happy
From Date: 2007-12-31 20:54:09

Click to view profile of Dannyboyo
User: Judge
I thought I recognize you. Welcome to the pageant, sweetie. Smile Anyway...

I hope you and your loved ones had a safe and Merry Christmas. I also hope you and your loved ones will have a safe and Happy New Year. Smile

Love forevermore,
Your MySpace friend,
Daniel Smile

P.S. When are you going to clean up your Yahoo group act? Laughing ;-P