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About Me:
I'm a fun & outgoing Norwegian girl having the time of my life... I'm 30 years old & an aries in sign. I've been living in Sweden the past 9 years after marrying the love of my life! We also have two beautiful cats. Last year we moved to Aalborg Denmark following our dream to play and coach handball fulltime in the best league in the world. This summer I moved to Nimes in south-France to play professional team handball in the french top-league together with my twinsister Linda Smile **** I've played team handball in the Swedish national topleague for 9 seasons for IK Sävehof, the biggest handballclub in the world ( ) and two seasons ago we once againg won the swedish league & we became Swedish Champions 2 years in a row... Two seasons ago we became historical as the first swedish team ever qualifying for the group-play in Champions League with the top 16 teams in the world Smile My position on the field is left wing.**** I am educated as a physiotherapist wich is my call in life..Wink I've worked in a hospital last 3½ years helping people who have suffered from a stroke or have other neurological conditions plus I also worked with paintreatment of cancerpatients. I just love to help my patients & see the progress they can accomplish in a difficult time in their lives. ****** I have a 5 minutes younger twinsister which is truly my best friend & she also plays teamhandball as I wrote above, she is a goalie(I do not know how she dares) and last season she moved to France to play in the french top-league and this season we got reunited. I also have 3 other siblings who I adore plus I'm an aunt of 4 children. My parents have been married for 42 years & I thank them for everything... they are absolutely the biggest heroes in my life! ****** I always listen to my heart & I love being spontanious & having fun. I love all the seasons in my country, I love beeing outside doing activities no matter what season or weather.... But I also enjoy staying home with my love or best friends watching a good film, having a glas of wine & just enjoying eachothers company... When I have a free weekend or holiday I mostly go home to Norway & Sweden visit my family & "fill upp my batteries". My favoriteholiday is on the greek islands (Kyklades)and last summer we relived our honeymoon there. Warm & lazy days on the beach, exciting & late nights... mmh... loved itWink ****** PS! To read more about me or see more pictures go to: ......or (U can see more and new pics in my album now) ******

Personal details

Date of birth 1979 - March - 26
Height 5' 10" (177cm)
Weight 150lbs (67kg)
Dress size 6-US 8-UK 38-EU
Shoe size 8.5-US 6-UK 39.5-EU
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Occupation Proffesional Handballplayer/Ph
Education BA/BS (4 years college)
Ethnicity European
Marital status Married
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