2007-06-25 simstarr808  Sharing with you a part of me...
I want to let you all know why this holds alot more weight for me than the crown and the money they offer me as a MODEL... Before I even knew about the purpose of this pageant, its always been a sensitive issue for me in regards to the people in my city who are either homeless, hungary, destitute,lonely, depressed, suicidal... the list goes on, as I have found that the world I live in has lost its heart and compassion for their fellow mate. Too much emphasise has been placed on the superficial aspects of how WE are meant to live and be accepted in this world. Leaving these people ON THEIR OWN just about and FORGOTTEN. I dont know whats wrong with me but I LITERALLY shed tears for these people as I CANT DO NOTHING about it on my own. All I know is I think about these people in these situations each and everyday (and I cant tell you why... as I dont know) and sometimes I wish I didnt as I carry so much emotional baggage with people I may not even know and have just met and witnessed there situation! The point I am trying to make is... If I won this competition (which is highly unlikely) I would build the facility called STARR HOUSE in Sydney and it would be designed to facilitate ALL kinds of rehabilitation FREE of CHARGE,just so they can not FEEL ALONE. I know what that is like. I wouldnt wish it on ANYONE.
I have been a PROFESSIONAL model all my life... I dont need the glory of the title and the money (FOR ME ONLY) doesnt phase me..... I just wanted to share this with you, as it really means something to me. Maybe one day if you got to KNOW me... You will know why??? Thanks again for your time and be safe.
Love simstarr808