2010-07-26 CAYB  To All the Judges
Thank you for my supporters,I need to highlight the one statement I am going to make.If i stand in front of the mirror,I am reminded of an unaffordable gift,the beauty of women.I look deeper and know that the beauty outside is a gift,the weapon I carry to boost my inside beauty is the foundation of the beauty any woman can reprezent and it is to be able to advertise the meaning of Feminism.Without beauty is or will end up at the back of magazines.Feminism is the mirror that prezent beauty in the strongest form.Confidence assist it.I want all the judges to go to my profile,exsperience the essence of a woman,which describe the beauty in all forms.I entered this competition,not because I want to be notice,I entered this competition,because advertise a very strong part of what a woman stand for.If beauty was my only asset,I would not even have consider to enter,but I look in the mirror and see a woman that create her own structure to form the person inside herself.I am feminent and I am confident,I am a creation of being sexy,I am not afraid to request that,I am here and I am here to convince the world out there,that without confidence and without feminism,beauty is a name without a picture.I invite you all to rate me as a woman with beauty.