2010-11-19 sozart  Congratulations!
Congratulations to the people behind WMBW - an unconventional pagaent with a huge fan following around the Globe. I hope the contestants get to have a time of their lives at the final pageant. There are huge possibilities of the tele format of this unique pagaent to do extremely well and stand out! I see already the contestants come from different walks of life, whether its professional modelling, creative sector or simply a student. This really is the USP of WMBW that connects beautiful women across the world irrespective of their professions. The paegent show could use this as a way to showcase beauty in what these women do for a living, whether shes a sexy corporate woman, a fiesty student, a homemaker, a social worker, a creative writer or an athlete...it brings out the personalities of these women in what they do best. Beauty is also a lot of the brains and the personalities. The cultural part is another area but this is really cliche, how the girls from different cultures adapt to a different culture is the real test. Hope this works out wonderfully for the entire WMBW team. All the very best! Cant wait to see what's coming next! :)