2010-12-06 SunShineRose  Down Voting Again
This is the very reason that I don't believe we should have down voting

A warm hello to all of my Hot Listed Favorites! Congratulations to all of the November monthly finalists. Good Luck in the finals to you three! As for the rest of you, soon it will be your turn.

Sharky has done his part to make that happen. I have completely wiped out all the has been contestants(contestants who have not logged on to their profiles in years) in favor of voting the rest of you to the very top of the ratings.

If some of you haven't noticed already the second page is almost completly free of has been contestants. Keep watching as Sharky is slowly but surely moving them down even lower. I intend to have all these contestants on the last page by the end of the month. Obviously they do not have a fan club that can support their cause.

This is very good news for the rest of you. Now you can slowly but surely move up in the ratings( I have moved some of you up to the 1st page) where you will get more and more exposure from judges worldwide. All of you have to be pleased about that!

So don't give up. Have some hope and keep smiling! After all Christmas is not far away. Maybe Santa will be good to you this year. Here is another flower and vote of 20 Especially For You! Take Care and Good Luck!

Your Friend
R.B.(alas Sharky)' '