2011-08-20 Gattha  To all...
Hello beautiful people!
All right with you guys?
I want to thank everyone for their votes and their support, this is very important to me.

I know everyone has their commitments and can not always vote, but I appreciate all the help all the days and times they stopped doing their stuff and vote for me.

This is very important to me is to win over a dream. I know that everyone will be happy if I can so I come humbly ask you to vote for me, whenever I can.

Is my link: http://www.insearchoftheworldsmostbeautifulwoman.com/profile.php?Contestant=1618
May God give you the joy I feel when I see their votes, messages and flowers. Have a weekend great.

Thank God you and my parents for the opportunity.

A kiss to all.
Bianka Furttado