2011-08-22 Gattha  Thank you!
All right with you guys?

I want to thank everyone for votes and their support, this is very important to me.

The past week has made ​​my vote goes down, I ask you to help vote for me all the time to make my dream come true up my votes in the contest.

I want to thank God for the opportunity to you for the support and care and enable those who make dreams come true.

Vote for me and help me with humility, strength and faith in me and believe in supporting you.
Thank you with all my heart.

I know everyone has their commitments and can not always vote, but I appreciate all the help all the days and times they stopped doing their stuff and vote for me.

This is very important to me is to win over a dream. I know that everyone will be happy if I can so I come humbly ask you to vote for me, whenever I can.

Is my link: http://www.insearchoftheworldsmostbeautifulwoman.com/profile.php?Contestant=1618

A kiss to all.
Bianka Furttado