'In Search of the World’s Most Beautiful Woman'® is the title and concept for a combination of an International Online Beauty Pageant. Working in conjunction with a new television series, this ambitious project has the potential of becoming not only the most popular internationally viewed show on television, but also the most significant beauty pageant in history.

The primary focus of 'In Search of the World’s Most Beautiful Woman'® is just as the name implies, an attempt to find the most beautiful woman in the world without the archaic restrictions of other major beauty pageants. The overall beauty of the Contestants will be the principle concentration in the judging and presentation. We will award the winner the largest cash prize of any pageant in history, ONE MILLION DOLLARS, plus an additional ONE MILLION DOLLARS to the charity of her choice. The pageant has been initiated through our web site, www.TheWMBW.com, with the contestants rated by the visitors to the site. Our future plans are to develop a weekly reality television series, with the finalists from each country competing for their countries title. For example, the United States most beautiful woman. We are confident that the weekly series would generate enough excitement and anticipation worldwide that our final pageant would surpass the viewing audience of any other pageant in the world. The weekly pageant will be telecast from a major Las Vegas showroom with a simultaneous Internet stream on our website.

Las Vegas, a city of remarkable vision where anything is possible, would be the ideal location to host these pageants. Preliminary talks have been initiated with a major hotel conglomerate. A television contract would ensure a successful arrangement.

Television networks and producers are constantly searching for, or attempting to develop new and innovative programming. Alternatively, they attempt to utilize ideas that are similar to shows with a proven track record of success. 'In Search of the World’s Most Beautiful Woman'® represents a concept that falls into both categories. The list of successful shows both past and present that highlight beautiful women is nearly endless. Even the more successful reality shows feature beautiful women in order to attract more viewers. If our information is correct, there are at present approximately 140 reality shows being shown in North America, with the networks scrambling to find the next ’big one’. An estimated 300 million viewers see the Miss U.S.A. Pageant, while the Miss Universe Pageant is watched by a worldwide audience of approximately 600 million people. 'In Search of the World’s Most Beautiful Woman'® has the potential of becoming the most successful show of all, with huge international appeal. In addition to the beauty factor, we have a show that will feature a different exotic location each week, presenting the culture and attractions of some of the most spectacular regions of the world to international audiences.

Our success on the internet has been nothing short of spectacular. With sister sites such as 'In Search of Friends' and 'Intertoob', it doesn’t seem as though we will be slowing down at all. We will be launching a complete network of sites in the near future so please stay tuned. We expect to have approximately 10,000 contestants before we conduct our final pageant.

There are several reasons for the pre-television launching of our website, including:
- Proof of concept for television networks.
- Development of international interest and involvement of viewers.
- Creating an unlimited supply of potential contestants from all over the world.
- Establishing a voting procedure that could be added to the live judges and phone in votes of the televised series format.

At the present time there are only six major pageants that could be considered competition; Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss U.S.A., Miss America, Miss Teen U.S.A. and Miss Hawaiian Tropic - all of which are annual pageants. There is no weekly television series featuring a beauty pageant.

Even though there have been many changes to the world’s major beauty pageants during the last fifty years, they still remain out-dated by today’s standards. Most of the changes that have been made are very slight, so as not to upset the status quo. The qualifications regarding contestants remain very restrictive and moralistic. For most pageants, physical beauty is only a small part of initial qualifications and final judging. It is an extreme rarity if the most beautiful contestant actually wins the contest.

'In Search of the World’s Most Beautiful Woman'® intends to overcome what we consider to be the deficiencies of the other major pageants and present something fresh, contemporary and far more exciting.

It is our full intention to become the most acclaimed beauty pageant in the world within two years. We intend to accomplish this through a combination of the World Wide Web and international television exposure. Our pageants would be open to beautiful women in all walks of life from waitresses to supermodels. Our prime objective will be to find the most beautiful woman in the world regardless of education, talent, speaking ability or marital status. We believe it would be an important factor to offer huge cash prizes versus the customary merchandise, scholarships etc. being offered by the other pageants. We would also like to match the cash prizes with an equal amount to the winners favorite charity in their own country. Our weekly host should be someone capable of not only augmenting the show, but who could become more of a part of the entertainment aspect of the show as well. In addition we should feature top caliber entertainers from each country. By eliminating all the unnecessary and boring segments that are a part of all the other pageants we will have a fast paced, entertaining show from start to finish.