Here are a few rules for photos:

-No webcam, cameraphone, low resolution, low quality or blurry pictures allowed.

This rule is in place for good reason. If you upload a blurry webcam picture to 'In Search of the World's Most Beautiful Woman'®, the Judges will give you lower ratings just because your picture is blurry or hard to see. We know you're beautiful, so use a good quality picture and make sure everyone else can see you too.

-Contestants face must be clearly visible in Competition Photo.

This one is pretty self explainatory, your Competition Photo must clearly show your face and your Gallery should include at least one portrait and one full body shot. After that it's up to you. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to remove any photo if we feel it is inappropiate for the contest.

-No Nude competition pictures.

This rule is in place because a Contestant's Competition Photo may appear on the front page at anytime and be visible to non-members of the site and therefore cannot contain nudity. Admittedly, some Contestants do push the limits of a non-nude Competition Photo, yet we remain strict in enforcing this rule.

You can change your photo's at anytime, including your Competition Photo. Just remember when you change or add pictures to your Gallery your Profile will be placed in Approval status and will be re-Activated pending review of your photos. For more information please read the Terms of Use.