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About Me:
I'm real ALL the way around (*wink**wink*). These are my pictures and I do really look like them...people constantly ask if I'm a real person. I am Razz I definitly know what I want in life and love. If I don't like something, I will tell you. Firm believer in Karma. Really sweet, unless you piss me off (then I bite hard). If you are one of my true friends, I will do anything for you. I can be a brat, if prompted correctly. I like the bad boys, but fall in love with only good men. I believe my body is a temple and I treat it accordingly. I don't eat beef, pork, or dairy. I can be a bit anal about good hygiene. I love my family; they are very close to my heart. I love Trader Joe's and New Frontiers - YUM! I LOVE to swim (ocean, lake, pool, etc.). I hate mornings, unless I stay up all night to greet them. Always do what you say. I hate liars! Victoria's Secret is one of my fetishes. I keep the company in business and should buy stock. Instead I own the whole damn store, catalog, and website. I take a warm bath almost every night, with a lotion rubdown afterwards - it's a ritual that helps me sleep! I love doing laundry, but hate doing dishes. I want to travel the world and will try almost anything once! Completely hemophobic...look it up if you don't know what it is. I hate needles and the dentist. I love massages, sushi, fajitas, and neck nibbles. I'm super sexy, yet really goofy at times. Always true to my word...and guarenteed a little bit late for everything. I do modeling/promotional spokes modeling for a living and absolutely love it! Anything you want to know, just askSmile

Personal details

Date of birth 1980 - April - 21
Height 5' 6" (167cm)
Weight 115lbs (51kg)
Dress size 4-US 6-UK 36-EU
Shoe size 7-US 4.5-UK 37.5-EU
Bust 32" (81cm)
Waist 26" (66cm)
Hips 32" (81cm)
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Occupation Print and Promotional Spokes M
Education College student
Ethnicity Caucasian
Marital status Single
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From Date: 2008-03-01 16:04:59

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User: Judge
Hi Tamara & my belated welcome to WMBW! Thanks for the photos you have here. You're a gorgeous gal and deserve 20s, as you got from me a moment ago. I hope all is going well for you of late. I wish you best of luck here at WMBW, and all the best in your life & career. Take care & stay good.
Bob Very Happy
PS: I just put in a friend request at MySpace. Is that OK?