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About Me:
I am getting ready for the launch of Keep your pants until this happens! Read my blog until the site launches and check out my videos at I couldn't cut it as a super villain so I work as a professional model who has an address in Los Angeles but I spend most of my time living out of my suitcase and lusting after latex catsuits. I have a blog where you can keep up with these travels at I specialize in Glamour, Pin-up, Fine Art, live burlesque and living a life of glamour. I love what I do but it doesn't define my being, it's just a small aspect of me. Other then that, I am a glamour girl who loves red pouty lips, corsets, high heels, and being girlie yet glamourous. I love the gay 90's (turn of the century), 1920's- 1940's fashions and decor. My style does reflect my passion for the deco art period. Wearing vintage clothing isn't a modeling look for me, it's who I am! I dress in this manner daily. I'm never toned down and I represent glamour to the extreme 24/7. I wear high heels and nothing else. Flat shoes are not sexy or glamourous. I would say my style is very art deco with a edgy modern twist. I wouldn't say I was born in the wrong period. I love living now because I would be lost without my cell phone, lap top, and GSP. I love reading, I probably read more books in a week than what most people read in a year. I love anything strange, bizarre, or mystic from eastern philosophy to metaphysics. I really wish side shows were still around. I love making friends with people who are considered "oddities" to the mainstream. I love going to the circus. Why do people hate clowns? I love clowns! My favorite colors are pink and red. That is why my website and My Space page are pink in red. I love anything so Barbie doll pink it makes most people puke. The brighter more colorful and out of this world the better. I'm a social creature who would rather live in solitude. I love my photo taken but I hate too much attention. I am not ashamed of my body but I am not an exhibitionist. My career is my creative outlet as well as what I find missing in our dark grim post 9/11 world. The world has changed into something I do not much care for. I am not politically correct, yet I am always polite. I want to bring glamour back, to this funeral parade world. I'm the kind of woman your mother warned you about. (My quote was actually taken by an ex boyfriend's mother). I'm like a cocktail of beauty and glamour, I can be a sex kitten while being a innocent beauty who can sting your heart like a scorpion.I am sugar and spice and I am not always very nice. I speak my mind, and sarcasm is my weapon of choice. When I am an older yet still glamourous lady, I will live in my big purple and pink Victorian house with my small purse dog who wears sweaters and big white fluffy Persian cat. I will be the overally made up granny with too much lip stick that you see in the super market. My Links: thagrace/ h ttp:// id=104

Personal details

Date of birth 1984 - February - 28
Height 5' 7" (169cm)
Weight 130lbs (58kg)
Dress size 6-US 8-UK 38-EU
Shoe size 8-US 5.5-UK 39-EU
Bust 34" (86cm)
Waist 27" (68.5cm)
Hips 38" (96cm)
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Occupation Nude Model
Education Some college
Ethnicity European
Marital status Attached
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Have you ever done any modelling or acting? Yes
If yes, with who? Six years experience as a professional model with credits as a scream queen

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