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  - 39 y/o


     Trinidad and Tobago
      Trinidad and Tobago

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Date of birth 1982 - February - 2
Height 5' 4" (162cm)
Weight 110lbs (49kg)
Shoe size 6.5-US 4-UK 37-EU
Bust 37" (93.5cm)
Waist 27" (68.5cm)
Hips 35" (88.5cm)
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Occupation Sales Agent
Education Grad school student
Marital status Married
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Have you ever done any modelling or acting? No
If yes, with who?

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From Date: 2007-06-03 23:57:18

Click to view profile of jenstar
User: contestant

I hope by now things are going better your way,
As I hate to here of all your un-happy days.

You Have a beautiful heart,
A wonderful soul,
And your not the type that has to "know it all".

So I send you this rose and a rating of 20,
Keep believing in yourself,
And the votes will be plenty.


P.s. It's no where near as good as yours, but its straight of the top of my heart.
From Date: 2007-06-01 01:57:16

Click to view profile of jenstar
User: contestant
Hey cutie! You seem a little sad?.. Must be all the rain. Well smile Cause Ive stopped in to say hi!!! I am launching my new website soon... so exciting I will let you know!!--xoxoxox
From Date: 2007-05-11 17:33:53

Click to view profile of pianistenvy
User: contestant

Here's a ruby red rose and a vote of 20 for you, beautiful Island girl. I hope you will drop by my website and check out my music when you have a minute. If you like what you hear, please sign up for my mailing list so I don't lose you back into the bottomless reaches of cyberspace! ~*lol*~

www.chri ilinglist.htm

Her e's 2 supporting one another,

Christi ne Anderson
From Date: 2007-04-26 14:57:24

Click to view profile of pianistenvy
User: contestant
Hello, beautiful Island girl! Thank you for my virtual flower... awwh! I put it in a virtual vase on my virtual grand piano, lol. Hope you like the flower I sent you back - let's pretend it's a gardenia, because gardenias have the most glorious smell! Those and jasmine! ~*beam*~

Anyway, just a note to say thanks and good luck to you in all your endeavors. If you have a few minutes, I'd love you to drop by my website and listen to my music. If you like what you hear, please join my mailing list and check out my CD in my online shop.

Musically Yours,

Christine Anderson
http://ww w.christineanderson. net
From Date: 2007-04-22 21:09:38

Click to view profile of jenstar
User: contestant
Hey beautiful!! Hope you had a great holiday/Break!!! You so sweet, I love the way you write, seriously I always am smiling when I finnishing reading your notes/letters left for me!! I hope I do the same when you read mine to you!! =)

Just remember whever you are sad or you are blue, just remember there is at least 1 star looking down to protect you!! Xxxx

Mwa, Big Hugz To you!!! Jen Xx