2007-06-03 jenalynn  Just read it!
Oh my goodness... I love you all models, fans, friends so i just wanted to make a quick comment about whats been going on with the competition @ WMBW. First off i want to state that i have had a pleasent experience here so far. Of course ratings are going to fluctuate from time to time and i accept that (probably cuz i dont have many fans) ;o} There are many deserving ladies here that are capable of being crowned TWMBW!
I just feel honored to be a part of such a beautiful group of women. So lets not go in fighting, if you favor a certin gal just vote 20 for her and ignore the rest of us.
Every woman here has endless possibilities awaiting them in the entertainment industry, be it modeling, acting, musician... Hey we made it this far someone noticed us- Thanx 4 noticing me WMBW.

Your Friend-