2008-04-02 magz  From Maz
Judges, Fans and contestants you have been amazing, I did not have to
ask and beg any of you to vote for me, you all did that because we have a special
bond, and u all realize my dreams, just as I do yours, I have such amazing contestants
here that I will call my friends forever, and their families, the judges, and my fans,
whow guys you have been awesome, and I promise you I will keep on making you guys
proud, want to get pics of all of you dear one's for my 21st next month, which they are making a major big thing in this awesome place, going to be all around the walls and ceiling with the
music, and I will post it to all of you and on here

God Bless all of you, and have a grea Salsa evening, LOL special for a special person on here

Love to you all and to all the contestants, this is not the end of the world, be friends, and
be nice! Love one another, and support each other with motivation and love, just like my friends here did to me........