2008-05-11 XNICOLAX  I've got to say something
I know I'm not going to be popular with the contestants for saying this, but I absolutely must say this. This is NOT an Idol competition (like American Idol for instance) where a judge votes for his (or her) favorite contestant(s) and ignore all the rest of the contestants. If that were the case, all that would be needed is number of votes, and not a scoring system.

But, as everyone can see, there IS a scoring system on this competition. That means the best judges are the ones who go through as many contestant profiles and pictures as they can, and FAIRLY judges each contestant. Each judge will have a different definition of what is beautiful. That's why a competition like this is so great, because one contestant might be a 15 or 16 to me, and a full-fledged 20 to someone else.

For those who don't like the scoring system, they could petition the people who make the rule change decisions, and ask them to drop it and go to a number of votes system. But, to undermine the rules of the competition they joined (knowing quite well what the rules are) by calling ANY vote below a 20 a downvote is not only ridiculous, it is disgracefully manipulative!