2008-05-11 XNICOLAX  Stop the Insanity!
Superior being? Are you kidding me?! How dare I actually point out the RULES of the competition! There is a very good reason for having a rating system, and this is not the only site that does it. Men have been rating women on a numeric scoring system for years! 'Hey bud, what do you think of that blonde over there? She's a perfect 10 in my book.' 'Nah, she's no 10. She's an 8, at best a 9.'

There are plenty of judges on this site who know exactly what I am talking about, and I can assure you that they know how to spell the word IDIOT! They also are not trying to undermine the rules of the site they joined. If you don't like the rules, email the hardworking people that put this site together, and maybe they will change the rules and turn it into a 'number of votes' competition.

If they do, fine. But, if they don't I suggest you DEAL WITH IT! Some of your favorites are not going to be in the 19's in overall rating. That's just the way it goes.

I have favorites that aren't as well. In my eyes, they are beautiful and deserving of a 20. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I can't be upset if someone gives a favorite of mine a 14 vote, because to him she is only a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. I may think he has crazy taste, but varying taste is what makes not only this competition great, but it 'makes the world go around'.

Oh, and to the fellow judge who tried to leave me an intimidating comment, first off get a life. Second, your comment has been deleted, and third I reported you and your intimidation tactics to the webmaster. Anyone else who has the bright idea of doing what that judge did, can expect the same treatment.

Now, enough of this ridiculous talk about anything under a 20 being a downvote! The system is in place to not only expose the REAL DOWNVOTERS (who I do agree are lowlife puppy dogs, being led around by their favorite contestants, and doing their dirty work for them), but also for contestants to block judges from voting for them, and to vote for themselves every 10 minutes.

I think the site owners have OVERCOMPENSATED in an effort to fix this problem. Yet, there are still those who complain. To those complainers I just have one thing to say. STOP THE INSANITY NOW!

*Stepping down off the soapbox*