2008-07-04 Uniquely Rachel  You All Have My Humble Thanks!
And a special thanks to you, Dale! I am so glad that there was somewhat of a fair way to make that determination. I was hoping that there would enough of a difference in the score since it is how the system is set up for each one of us. Just 1000th of a point can make a difference in the placement between one person and another all month long.

I want all of you Ladies to know that I count myself blessed to have so many of you as friends, and that I will continue to give you my support as always. This does not change that. I also think that this will help to inspire some of you judges because towards the end of the night, there were a couple of you who felt it just wasn't worth sticking around because of the changes going on. I am proof that it really IS not over until it is over, and that no matter who you are voting for, stick with them until the end because every single vote counts, and every supporter's help CAN make a difference.

I am honored to represent my country and have the chance to be involved in something that is beyond anything I've ever dreamed I could ever be a part of, and I owe it all to you, my awesome friends, fans and family!

Please don't stop voting for me, I've still got to get that overall score up now! LOL!

And a very safe and happy 4th to all of us that appreciate our independence!

Much luv