2008-08-26 Uniquely Rachel  Hello Dear Family of Friends!!!
I just thought I'd better leave some luv on the front page as I have been a little MIA lately! I went to visit my brother for10 days the beginning of August and then rushed back to get my son ready to start his new school year at Jr High! Our local Jr High goes from 6th to 8th grade, so he's pretty excited to be there as we moved last year in Nov. and he is starting in a brand new school system now! I am so blessed to have him in this one as it is praised for its excellent curriculum and will offer him so much over the next 7 years! (the high school is right across from the jr high). I've had to work many extra hours to pay for the new expenses and get him the 'right' clothes to start his year off! Boys these days are as bad as girls when it comes to fashion, I swear! LOL! I hope everyone is doing good, and missed you all very much. I will try to answer some of my messages tonight, and will be here a little more often now that things are settling down into a routine again! And special thanks to all my faithful supporters for helping to get my overall score back up! I am in awe of how much it has increased over the last couple of months! thank you, thank you, thank you so much! The scars from battling it out for so many months are slowly healing = :)
Luv ya all,