2008-09-12 prettypolly  Guaranteed Irish!
Hello to everyone!Just wanted to show my appreciation to a wonderful site, I think it is a great idea for women who are stopped from entering conventional beauty contests because they do not have the right degree/job or like me, have a child. I have always found this very unfair, as in my opinion, a beauty contest should be judged on just that, beauty, and although I agree that inner beauty is also an important part of it, I don't think that the path a girl has either chosen, or has ended up with, should prevent her from having the same opportunities as everyone else. So I found this site a breath of fresh air, friendly people, and a fair chance for everyone. My head is reeling from the sheer amount of stunning girls on this site, to whom I wish all the best of luck. I hope to meet some great people and form valuable friendships while i'm here, and judging from the friendly manner of everyone i've come across so far, i'm sure I will! Kisses from Ireland!