2008-10-19 Karma  Stop Down Voting Now.
I'm calling for a widespread moratorium on 'down voting' and that MUST apply to ALL of us.
Please let's ALL STOP this ugly practice because I've seen it everywhere and against everyone.
I dislike down voting and I'd much rather base my votes on the soul, the spirit and inspiration of beauty alone but I refuse to see my friends hit time and time again without myself responding in kind. If you'd like my votes sincerely then please stop down voting everyone in this contest.
Everyone please take a breath and remember this practice must end for the good of the contest as a whole.
Anyone who wishes for my support please leave me a comment on my page.
And you will have it.
You're all winners so please do not taint this contest any longer with this unfair practice.
Stop Down Voting Now.
All of Us~
Let's All Vote UP and FAIRLY.
Thank You.

Dalton Anthony.