2009-09-11  MARLO ANN
Supporters and fans of Marlo Ann need to unite and take a stand to get her into a top spot this month. She is so heavily down voted that it has 'discouraged' her from competing anymore. Is this what it comes down to? This woman has been on the site for over 2 years, she sends flowers, comments, and messages, to judges AND contestants. She is very nice and goregous to boot. Is that why people are intimidated by her and drag her down the voting system? IT SUCKS! People on this site must be blind...Marlo Ann IS the world's most beautiful woman. Inside and out. Let's get her to the finals!

Marlo Anne seems to be always in the top 5 thanks to the support she's receiving from people like yourself.
But lets get something perfectly clear, just because everyone doesn't agree with your opinion of her doesn't mean she's getting unduly down voted. While you think she warrants a 20, many more may think she might be a 17.
It happens to all the contestants, not just Marlo Anne. That's why there's a rating system, so everyone has a right to their opinion. When someone is supporting a particular contestant, they seem to think that if everyone doesn't agree with them, they must be idiots, or trying to sabotage their efforts.
It's admirable of you to try to garner additional support, but remember that other contestants supporters are trying to do the same without knocking everyone else in the process.